Quality Service Advisory Board


Nominate someone today!

So many Mercerians go above and beyond to serve our students, faculty, and staff. Nominate a single person or even an entire department so that QSAB can recognize their servant leadership. Think about Mercer's mission: To Teach, To Learn, To Create, To Discover, To Inspire, To Empower, To Serve. How does this person or department embody the mission? 

While we will honor all nominees with a certificate of appreciation, each month one staff member or department will be chosen from the nominees for the QSAB Servant Leadership Award. In addition to the award, the QSAB Servant Leader of the Month will receive a formal commendation in their Human Resources file and recognition on the QSAB website.

Help us recognize Mercerians that deserve to be lauded for their service! Use this nomination form to tell us who you are nominating, how they embody Mercer's mission statement, and why they ought to be chosen for the QSAB Servant Leadership Award.


Common Purpose:

Faculty and staff create ‘The Mercer Experience’ by providing the highest quality service to our university community. We are committed to promoting a culture of service and a spirit of excellence throughout the institution. Each of the Quality Service Advisory Board's initiatives is driven by our mission: To Teach, To Learn, To Create, To Discover, To Inspire, To Empower, To Serve.

Quality Standards:

  1. Commitment: We will be authentic, transparent, and honest. We will listen to our students and to each other.
  2. Community: We will be warm, welcoming, fair, and respectful while promoting a unified team atmosphere.
  3. Knowledge: We will utilize technology and stay current on changing information. We will ensure easy access to information for both students and staff, while guaranteeing privacy.
  4. Effectiveness: We will be efficient so as to be more productive. We will consistently go above and beyond, and adapt to our ever-changing environment.

Board Members:

Steering Administration
Dr. Penny L. Elkins, Enrollment Management
Dr. Marilyn Mindingall, Provost's Office

Board Members
Bonnie Brucato, Career Services
Amanda Carls, First Year Programs
April Cantrell, Registrar's Office
Kellie Chastain, Retention
Ricky Clark, Residence Life
Megan DeLong, Enrollment Management & Retention
Denise Gibson, Law School
Kelly Holloway, SSBE Graduate Admissions
Tracy Jackson, Financial Planning
Genice Johnson, Staff Council
Susan Julson, Bursar's Office
April Mills, Information Technology
Betty Norsworthy, Human Resources
Dr. Soundra Pollocks, RAC Operations
Leslie Snellman Jackson, Medical School
Quandra Swain, RAC Admissions
Bonnie Toliver, Traditional Undergraduate Admissions